A couple of weeks ago I went to the local bio store to look for old bananas. It was a Thursday and my dad’s birthday was on Friday so my mom wanted me to make these healthy chocolate pancakes. I went in the store and found a box of discounted bananas at the front of the store. The shop lady was trying to get rid of them and gave me the whole box for €2.50, which is what she was going to charge me for the amount of bananas I had intended to buy. The box was filled and I went home with 30 overripe bananas, ready for a banana day!

These are the things I made:

I started out with the banana chocolate pancakes as I had originally intended:


Then my sister and I did banana facemasks, they were really fun:


Then I made banana waffles as an afternoon snack:


I tried to make banana ice cream to go with the waffles but didn’t have enough time to freeze the bananas so we improvised banana milkshakes instead:


Then to finish off the evening, I made a loaf of banana bread!



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