Banana Facemasks

My sister is studying for her exams at the moment, which means she’s under constant stress and always requesting healthy snacks. Because of my banana craze I decided that instead of having a food break, we could have a wellness break, so I made a face mask.


I looked up some recipes and because both of us have quite greasy skin I decided to add tumeric and baking soda. I’m not sure about the amounts but I just kept adding those two ingredients to the banana until I was satisfied.

It actually looked really delicious, like a pumpkin dessert. I left it on the table and after a while it looked like it had boiled over!! I’m not sure about the science behind this but it was pretty funny.

We put it on our faces and suddenly I remembered this story about a girl who had put too much tumeric on her face and that it was stained orange. Obviously I started frantically looking up how long you would have to have tumeric on your face before you turn orange. I panicked and told my sister maybe we should remove it after 10 minutes rather than wait the full 15, but she assured me that it would be fine, and it was haha.


Our skin looked amazing!



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