Banana Chocolate Pancakes

20170616_071638I found this recipe a while ago and wanted to try it out. I made it for my sister and my mom requested them for my dad’s birthday, he’s on a diet.

So by the time I actually came around to making them I had basically forgotten the recipe so I kind of figured it out as I was going. I believe I made the recipe three times, as last time it had just been me and my sister and now my parents and brother were joining us.

As we kind of ran out of oats I had to use the little packaged ones. Those are about half a cup each and I used 6.


3 cups of oats

5 bananas

5 eggs

2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

a little vanilla

2 cups of chocolate chips


I used less eggs and ban

anas than the recipe asked for because it made them drier and easier to make. I’m also not a 100% sure that these were the amounts I used but the trick is to make sure it’s not too runny otherwise it will be impossible to form proper pancakes.

They looked like little patties in the frying pan!

I topped them with maple syrup and strawberries and they were delicious. Writing about them makes me want to whip some up right now!

20170616_071629  Enjoy!



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