Pizza — AGA Edition

As I’ve only just started this blog I haven’t figured out what to do with it exactly. I mean, I have figured it out in my head but I haven’t set it up properly. My plan is basically to provide more of an idea of how to make food rather than provide specific recipes. I will hopefully make this clearer as I go along!

But I wanted to do a post about pizza because I love pizza and seriously, it’s so easy to make and so good. I love pizza and so should you.

Having an AGA makes things a lot easier, for the sauce I basically do this:


A couple of tomatoes

An onion

Some garlic

Whatever herbs you have in your garden or spice cabinet which smell pizza-ey to you

Optional: peppers


Fry the onions and garlic and then add the cut up tomatoes and peppers. Put everything in the lowest oven on the right if you have a lot of time, the top one if you don’t. Leave until you need it and then blitz it with a mixer.


I am not the type of person to spend ages getting a recipe right…maybe I should be now that I have a blog but we’ll see how it goes. I use Jamie Oliver’s bread recipe which is basically my family’s recipe at this point. I usually tend to wing it a bit but you need 5 ingredients for sure which are:






Some recipes also call for olive oil and whatnot but that’s all just optional.


So you basically put the sauce on the rolled out dough and add some cheese and whatever and pop it in the oven. Voila, you’ve got your classic margarita or pepperoni pizza.

If you want to be fancy, like me, or pretend like you’re actually eating a salad like me, I would suggest you make on of those pizza’s with ham and rucola. Super delicious and almost like a salad. For the base of that pizza I cut up some tomatoes and add a little homemade pesto.

I would suggest using a pizza stone, otherwise the pizza really won’t be nice (I only found out about this recently). In the AGA you can get away with putting it on the bottom of the top right oven. Pretty sweet.



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